Images courtesy of TM&LS

  • US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion Program, Electronic Craft Control Units and Power Panels
  • US Coast Guard Motor Life Boats, Control and Power Panels
  • US Army Armored and Security Vehicles, Power, Control and Instrument Panels



  • US Army Custom Kitting and Supply Chain Management for the Avenger missile launcher system
  • Purchasing and Supply of COTS Materials for the PAC 3 Facility Project




  • US Marines, Purchase and Kitting of Basic Issue Items (BII) for the MTVR 5 ton Truck




  • Manufacture of the 903A 10 Kilowatt Auxiliary Power Unit





  • US Army Instrument Panel Assembly for the JLTV Program




  • Manufacture and production of fabricated Security Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF)




  • US Navy wire harness assemblies for the Mine Defense Warfare Program



  • US Army wire harness assemblies

                     Goverment and Commercial Customers include

                                                 Textron Marine and Land Systems ~~ Boeing ~~ CK Power ~~ ITT/Exelis

                                              United States Army/ CECOM ~~ United Marines ~~ BAE Inc. ~~ SCIF Global

                                           Untied States Navy/ NAVSEA ~~ United States Coast Guard ~~ OshKosh Truck Co.

                                                     L-3 ~~ General Dynamics ~~ Lockeheed Martin ~~ Oceaneering